Copper Foil Tape

Special electrograde, zero temper, high tensile copper foil tape. Provides excellent solderability. Malleable copper foil conforms well to irregular contours. Its aggressive acrylic adhesive system creates a superior bond. Used for RFI/EMI shielding applications in the electrical/electronics industry. Annealed and non-tarnishing. Meets UL 510 specifications.

Our Conductive Acrylic Adhesive (38837CA) is coated with an acrylic adhesive which is uniformly dispersed with conductive spheres to provide a very low rate of electrical resistance through the tape. Electrical resistance: 0.003 Ohms/in2. 3” plastic core

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Copper Foil Tape with Acrylic Adhesive (3883X)

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Copper Foil Tape With Non-Conductive Acrylic Adhesive (38836) 1 oz Copper Foil (1.4 mil) coated with an acrylic adhesive. Tape is wound up on a white 66# paper release liner. Features & Benefits: 1 oz. Rolled Copper Foil provides excellent...

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Typical Applications

Copper Foil with Acrylic Adhesive - EMI/RFI shielding of small electromagnetic components (i.e. transformer/reactor coils) and cable splices; repairing, modifying & prototype designing wiring boards, supplementary shielding of joints/seams; flat conductor assemblies.

Copper Foil with Conductive Acrylic Adhesive - Cable wrapping to provide EMI/RFI shielding, seaming of EMI/RFI shielded rooms for electrical continuity, static charge draining, surface contact to non-solderable materials (e.g. aluminum or plastics).