Velcro Tape

Velcro is not a physical product. “Velcro” is a group of companies (including Velcro USA Inc) that manufactures a wide range of products. Velcro tape alternative hook and loop works by having two strips of material, one with lots of tiny hooks, and one with lots of thinner loops that the hooks can cling to when the two elements are pressed together. Standard industrial strength hook and loop has an average peel strength of 1.2 lbs. per inch of width (PIW) and average shear strength of 14 lbs. per square inch (PSI).

It’s easy to think of Velcro as that material we used to fasten our shoes before we could tie shoelaces. Just remember that hook and loop closures are good for more than children’s shoes. Few things can match the strength of Velcro while still allowing you to fasten and unfasten with ease.

Tape Jungle sells only the highest quality Velcro tape rolls. But what is Velcro tape, and is it the right product for your needs?

What Is Velcro Tape?

In 1941, a Swiss engineer named Georges de Mestral took a walk. As he trekked through the woods, he wondered if he could adapt the annoying cling of burrs into a useful product. This brainstorm led him to develop Velcro, an attachment system that used two strips of cloth — one with thousands of tiny loops and one with thousands of tiny hooks that connect.

Velcro quickly became popular in the fashion and home decor industries. Today, people use it to solve challenges in many different areas.

Velcro tape takes the now-familiar strips and adds a strong adhesive, making it easy to attach them to the surfaces you want to connect.

What’s the Difference Between Velcro and Hook and Loop Tape?

Velcro isn’t the technical name for the fastener. Hook-and-loop is, and Velcro is the brand name for a particular company. However, many people do use the word as a generic term.

How Can You Use Velcro Tape?

Velcro fasteners have a distinguished history. In the 1960s, astronauts used them to secure their effects while traveling through space. Hospitals also quickly picked up on the trend and still use the effective solution today.

But you don’t have to be a scientist to profit from Velcro’s power. The fasteners lend themselves to a lot of household lifehacks.

Fix Decor and Household Objects in Place

You can use Velcro to hang pictures or keep design elements from moving around. It particularly comes in handy when dealing with slippery fabric. Try anchoring area rugs and seat cushions with small pieces of Velcro.

Organize Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Give your garage a much-needed makeover with Velcro, using it to stick all your tools firmly in place. Then tackle the rest of the debris out there.

Similarly, Velcro can help you sort out your cleaning supplies. Use it to fix small items to the back cabinet doors under the sink.

Bundle and Stow Cables

Don’t let your cables tangle together. Small strips of hook-and-loop fasteners are great for holding coils in place. You can also use Velcro tape rolls to keep cords and wires in place against the wall.

Secure Practical Necessities and Easy-To-Lose Items

Make emergency supplies such as flashlights easy to locate by attaching them to likely spots. You can even use Velcro to hide a spare key somewhere unexpected or secure your phone or tablet in the car.

As for remotes and gaming controllers? Stop losing them in the couch cushions. Create designated, discrete spots on the side of the sofa or under the coffee table.

Close Gates or Screens

If you have gates or window screens that refuse to stay closed, you can hold them together with Velcro.

Hide Work Essentials

Face it. Many of the tools necessary to keep our homes and workplaces running aren’t very attractive. Why not use Velcro to free up desk space and conceal the clutter? Instead, tuck modems, external hard drives, routers, or power strips up under the desk.

Make Temporary Alterations or Repairs to Clothing and Accessories

While Velcro probably isn’t the right high-fashion, long-term solution for your dress jacket or evening gown, it’s great for keeping a winter coat closed when your button pops off. It’s also a good tool to make temporary alterations for quick-growing kids.

If you have a purse that doesn’t close well, add a little Velcro to pull the two sides together. Then you won’t have to worry about valuables falling out throughout the day. As a bonus, it’s impossible to open Velcro discreetly, making it less likely that a thief will slip their hand inside your purse.

Attach Travel Essentials to Cases

Keep your world organized even when traveling. Velcro tape rolls can keep packing cubes together. Or add a bit to your hairdryer or other devices if you want to lock them in place.

Suitcases aren’t the only kind of travel case you can tidy up with Velcro. Use it on coolers, picnic baskets, and tubs full of camping supplies.

Secure Pet Bowls

Does your dog wind up chasing their bowl around the kitchen? Have you ever stepped in their water when you get up to fetch your own in the night?

A little Velcro can keep their bowls in place, making life easier. While frequent washing will eventually degrade the fastener and adhesive, it’s easy to replace every few months.

Create DIY Toys and Games

You can make multiple kid-friendly games with Velcro. Make a felt dartboard and sticky, Velcro-covered balls. Or create Velcro mitts with old gloves. You can even make a hairbrush for a doll with a dowel and the hook-covered side of Velcro.

The fasteners can assist with less-fun tasks, too. Try creating a chore board that allows children to shift labels with chore names between “To Do” and “Done.”

What’s the Best Velcro Tape?

Tape Jungle proudly sellsAlanson Products Hook & Loop Fastener — Velcro Alternative. You can purchase a roll if you want one long strip to cut yourself or Velcro coins when you only need a little.

This tape attaches a rubber-based adhesive with an initial tack of 31.4 pounds per inch width (piw) and 41.5 piw once cured. High-quality hook-and-loop closures then allow you to connect whatever you need.

Alanson Products Hook & Loop Fastener — Velcro Alternative (4007x)

The Hook & Loop Fastener comes in:

  • Color:black and white
  • Cut:rolls and coins
  • Fastener:hook, loop, and hook-and-loop
  • Width:¾ in (18mm), 1 in (24mm), 2 in (48mm)

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